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American Biotech Labs silver biotics Solution goes beyond any colloidal silver product in existence.


Seven full safety studies have been completed on American Biotech Labs products.  In vivo (living animal) tests have been completed, both injected and ingested at silver levels as high as 5000 milligrams per kilogram of a 32 part per million product.  5000 milligrams per kilogram is the equivalent of a 160 pound adult drinking 36 ounces of the American Biotech Labs 10 ppm product at one sitting.  LD-50 tests have also been completed at a level of up to 200 times the normal adult dosage.  All in vivo tests have shown that the American Biotech Labs products are completely non-toxic at all the levels tested.

Why risk your health with colloidal silver generators where you have no idea what concentration or particle size of colloidal silver you are creating?

Protect Your Family

Do you have trouble staying healthy?

Protect yourself every day by maintaining a strong immune system with Silver Biotics®

“Your First Line of Defense”

• Doctor recommended

• Backed by Science

• Tested by major universities and certified independent laboratories

• Hundreds of completed tests at government certified laboratories

• GSA and VA approved for purchase

• Proven safe in 7 different safety studies

• Pro-biotic tested and found harmless against friendly bacteria or flora

• Customer proven with over a million bottles sold throughout the world

• Only product of this type to be presented before a congressional
hearing on Malaria (Apr 2005)

Specialized Patented Manufacturing Process Makes the Difference

New manufacturing process . . .

Through years of testing and work the American Biotech Labs team has been able to develop and patent a manufacturing process that created a much more stable and effective silver product. This new silver technology created an engineered silver nano particle that has proven to be one of the most effective silver products ever created. Scientists from all over the world have been testing and validating the effectiveness of American Biotech Labs products. With well over a million bottles sold worldwide, it would seem that public opinion agrees with the effectiveness of American Biotech Labs’ products.


A Skeptical M.D.

I am, by training, an MD as well as an ND (naturopath), having begun my medical studies in Germany and completed them in the US.  Everything I was ever taught in science told me that silver, being a heavy metal, was toxic to biological systems.

Believing this adamantly, I was absolutely against any discussion about silver.  I believed what I had been taught-that silver, no matter what form it might be in-was toxic and dangerous.  I received some information in the mail about American Biotech Labs’ products, including silver, but instead of following my first instinct, to discard it, I read it, then read it again and again, perhaps ten times, and each time it seemed to make more sense.

I got more literature on it from the company, then decided to try it myself before I would ever recommend it to anyone else.  I was stunned with the results.  We practice very proactive nutritional and detoxification health care, and have the absolute best, most pure, most potent immune enhancing agents available anywhere, yet this products was even better that what we were using for chronic and resistant infections of a bacterial nature.  I suspect that it helps with viral infections as well, but I have not read enough of the research to be able to verify that.  It is only my clinical observation thus far.

Based on this, I now use and freely dispense this product to my patients, with excellent results.  The only requirements is to determine that it is appropriate to their unique needs, and make certain they use it strictly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Respectfully yours,

James R. Bowman,

MD, ND, NHC, DCP, FAAIM JRB/mp, Wisconsin

Silver Sol Improves Wound Healing: Case Studies In the Use of Silver Sol in Closing Wounds (Including MRSA), Preventing Infection, Inflammation and Activating Stem Cells.


Not All Silver is Created Equal

There are hundreds of types of silver products on the market today. Most are ionic or colloidal preparations, few have been EPA approved. Most work by chemical action, meaning that they have to have direct contact with microbes to have any positive effect. American Biotech Labs (ABL) has engineered a new technology. This new technology kills bacteria by catalytic action, not by chemical action. Because of this technology, ABL can get kill rates on bacteria and other pathogens that other silver products cannot match, as with the ASAP-AGX-32® disinfectant product. The potential applications of this technology are vast and far reaching into many markets worldwide. ABL’s product lines currently include dietary supplements and Government approved hospital and home disinfectants. A number of new products are also under development.

Unique Fingerprint

Work completed so far indicates that American Biotech Labs’ products are distinguishable from every other silver product tested. The unique structure/composition of the products, inherently results from the already patented manufacturing process.

More Effective Product / Top Material Scientist

This unique structure/composition of American Biotech Labs’ silver products results in different efficacy when compared to existing silver products. Tests have been directed by one of the leading materials science laboratory in the world at the Pennsylvania State University, under the personal direction of Professor Rustum Roy, who is regarded as one of the top materials scientists in the world. Testing was also performed by distinguished scientists at Arizona State University (and other locations), all of which have been under the direction of Professor Roy. This work may help explain why American Biotech Labs’ products are so much more effective at very low concentration levels of silver, when compared to other silver products, some of which contain hundreds of times higher concentrations of silver.

silver-bioticsThe Silver Biotics Solution® is an engineered silver nano-particle mineral supplement. It includes 10 ppm silver utilizing American Biotech Labs unique patented silver technology. It is an immune system support, meaning that it designed to help boost a healthy immune system, to act as a first line of defense. It has been proven safe for daily usage when used as suggested. Hundreds of tests have been completed on the Silver Biotics Solution® at independent government certified labs, both domestic and international, as well as numerous universities and government sponsored labs.




ASAP™ Ultimate Skin and Body Care is a clear gel product that is moisture donating and helps promote natural healing. Made with food grade ingredients, it contains no alcohol, and its soothing effects are safe enough to use on a child. It is mother approved and will make your skin feel soft and wonderful. Amazing results are being reported worldwide on numerous uses to promote natural healing. Our family loves this product and as a gift we make it available to yours.

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